Blanche & Alain


Her Side

Many years ago, while in school, in the small village of West Virginia, i would drive to Maryland to get a taste of the city. While in Maryland, i will be out looking for the hottest suya spot ( Because one thing about me is that i am going to eat!). On this fateful Saturday, while in MD, out in the streets looking for suya at Prime Lounge, i "jammed" this young man who insisted that i gave him my number myself because he was too old to ask for my number from my friend later...he even promised me small suya if i gave him my number. ( Did i mentioned that the way to my heart is food ? ). Clearly i gave him my decision ever! and here we are heading to forever.

His Side

It was a magical evening, a night that forever changed the course of my life. As Blanche prepared to enter the lively party with her friends, I approach her and ask for her number. Little did I know that this simple act would set the stage for an incredible journey.

Blanche, taking a break from her pharmacy studies in West Virginia, had come to Maryland seeking a taste of suya ,roasted fish, good music (enjoyment) before returning to the stress of school. With her radiant skin, white teeth and captivating smile, she stood at the entrance of the party, a beacon of joy.

Approaching her, I felt an instant connection. It was as if we had known each other for a lifetime. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, filled with playful banter and shared laughter. Blanche's delightful spirit sparked a fire within me, igniting my curiosity and interest in her. So, I mustered up the courage and asked for her number.

Blanche, looking at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, suggested that I obtain her number from one of our mutual friends. We both shared a playful moment of teasing, a delightful dance of words. But my stubbornness kicked in, and I questioned why I should go through her friends when she could simply input her number into my phone. It was a lighthearted exchange that brought smiles to our faces.

And you know what? After some back and forth, Blanche finally relented and gave me her number ( smooth guy hahah ) . My heart danced with joy as I bid her farewell, promising to reconnect later that evening. I had every intention of returning to the party to find her, circumstances prevented me from doing so.

Nevertheless, Blanche and I continued our communication, nurturing our friendship. Our bond grew stronger with each passing day, filled with ups and downs, laughter, and the occasional disagreement. We embarked on thrilling adventures and created countless cherished memories together.

As time went on, our friendship blossomed into something more profound. The love between us grew like a wildflower, resilient and beautiful. Our journey took unexpected turns, leading us through the highs and lows of life. But through it all, we stood by each other's side, supporting and cherishing the love we had found.

And now, as I reflect on that fateful night, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. What started as a simple request for a number has transformed into a lifetime of love, laughter, and shared dreams. Blanche, my partner in adventure, has become my soulmate, my confidante. Together, we have embarked on a journey filled with endless possibilities, forever grateful for that night that brought us together.


At Prime Lounge

Alain: I made the first move.

Blanche: We both did. I said “Hi” and you came up to me.

Both laughing.
Blanche : Alain.

Blanche: My most memorable date is when Alain said “Pack a bag”, we are going to New York. The thoughtfulness and the details of the entire trip was remarkable. The Hotel was at the center of Time Square. Every day was meticulously planned and to me , it is the best date ever.

Alain: i agree,

Alain: Rice and Stew that Blanche made. She had to make it a particular way that i love so much.

Blanche: Our First Rice and Stew we didn’t have a couch . So we had to sit on the floor, by the fireplace and eat.

Blanche: I wanted to drive a Mustang so bad. I mentioned it to Alain in passing. We went for a wedding in Texas and he pulled up at the Airport with a Mustang. He also let me drive it to Dallas and back with the open roof.

We both agree to enjoy the finer things in life while we can and living life to the fullest

To Travel World.

We can sit home and watch Movie all Day

Education I plan on sponsoring 10 kids to school every year

We take pride in our Hustle