Blanche & Alain

Wedding Party

Grace Neba

Maid of Honor

Hi, I'm Grace, a friend and sister to our beautiful bride Blanche. For us, it was a thing of faith. Blanche came to Houston from school to spend the thanksgiving break back in 2016 and we've been sisters since then.
If you know me, you know I'm slow to warm up to others. But Blanche’s charming personality; her warmth, jokes, laughter, and her ability to see through me, especially at a time when I did nothing but hide, made it really effortless to warm up to her. Over the years, it’s been nothing short of amazing.
Oh! Did I mention my favorite moment with her is when food is involved? We both love a good meal and will surely enjoy every bit of it 😅.

Carlos N

Best Man

My name is Carlos N, and I proudly embrace the roles of being a son, uncle, husband, and father. Currently residing in Maryland, I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of my life here. Reflecting on my younger years with Alain, we believed that the woman he would eventually marry would be fortunate due to his exceptional culinary abilities. However, it has become evident that Alain is the fortunate one, as Banche has transformed him into a loving and devoted husband.



I met Blanche 3years ago but I'll literally say she is my sister, the very definition of family. Blanche is my favorite hype girl, extremely loving, sweet, kind and reliable. She is extremely humble and selfless irrespective of all her achievements, need I say she is Dr Blanche. I can't forget our Jamaican trip where we had a lot of adventures and so much fun, thing we didn't fall in the water or from the horse back lol. You are the best driver ever and I still think you should go car racing, I'll be your co-driver. My fashion icon aka rich auntie, it is an honor to be a part of your tribe and to be able to share in your special day making beautiful memories.



Met Alain through a Friend in Raleigh NC. Since then we became buddies and party together. What I think is epic about him is that he know how to make chicken wings better than wings stop and the rest.

Lira Ndifon


Hosted and creator of Self Reflection Podcast. Blanche, my lovely sis, what can I say? Fun memory, when we were young girls, we used to have pizza nights! Where we will get lots of pizza and stay up as late as we could eat as much pizza as we could until we got sick. Lol. We ate so much pizza; Papa would say we would turn into a pizza, lol. Good times. Mummy White, I’m so happy for you. I wish you the best and thriving, healthy, happy, healing, and prosperous marriage. May God bless both of you and guide you as a wife. Happy marriage, sis. I LOVE you. I can't wait to turn up!

Leslie Lawan


My name is Leslie Lawan aka Champ I have known Alain for more than 25yrs now. We were actually classmates back in nursery school. Profession wise, I am Cloud engineer as well as a mix martial artist ( Mauy thai kickboxer)

Vigiline Njimyah


Blanche and I went to the same secondary school Government Bilingual High School down town Bamenda. Her sense of humor is amazing, she can literally walk into a room where she knows no one and starts a conversation like she has known them all her life. Our fun memory we have is our love for food ❤ not just any kind of food but amala ewedu gbegiri and goat meat 😀. We use that to bond, its amazing. You won't understand . Last but not least, her love for God. She reads and understand the Bible and I love that for u Blanche ❤

Lovet F


I met Alainn, I think, in 2015. That was after about 18 months of talk on the phone and already have mutual respect "friendship" without meeting. We met in a ShopRite on Queen Chapel Road in Hyattsville. Funny story, I was on the checkout line 2 people behind him, and I was making a very loud phone with my headphones.
Upon hearing my voice, Alain turned around and said, "LOVET is that you." From then, we got to speak for a while in the parking lot and realized we lived in the same neighborhood just about 10 minutes walk distance all these while we spoke just on the phone.
From meeting him through another friend relating to job search to now 8+ yrs of amazing, mature, encouraging, and supportive brotherhood.
He's one of the very true and close friends I have and a great person.
Happy married life, brother. Welcome to the league.
God bless your union.



My name is Kandi aka the Roomie, currently based in the DFW area. A good blend of an introvert and extrovert, passionate about growth in all facets of life. Can’t remember how Blanche and I met( probably because my memory is not as good as hers) but we’ve been annoying each other for about 5years now. Our conversations are probably my favorite thing but for a memory, it will be when she was my plus one to a Christmas party which we thought because they were professors and people in high places we should look our best. Well we were the only ones in long dresses and heels and all the rich people looked like they came to serve us. We have too many memories but that always stands out. Roomie, I’m so happy to see you walking in the life we’ve always imagined and can’t wait to see all that will be in the next 5years.



My name is Jeff. Six years ago, through the introduction of my now-wife, I had the pleasure of meeting Alain Njang, who quickly became an extraordinary friend in my life. From the moment we crossed paths, I sensed a genuine warmth emanating from Alain, which drew me closer to him. His charisma and infectious enthusiasm for life were immediately evident. We bonded effortlessly, sharing countless conversations filled with laughter, insightful discussions, and unwavering support. Alain's kindness, wisdom, and unwavering friendship have been a cherished gift in my life, reminding me of the immeasurable value of genuine connections forged through chance encounters.



I met Blanche at Kandi's place on the 5 of March 2018 . It was my mums birthday and we were on our way to surprise her with a cake and Blanche came with us even though that was our first time of meeting. The way she made herself so comfortable was really amazing, and I really admired her for that . Not only that, but still in 2018, she drove from West Virginia to my son's birthday party. And now we are not only friends but neighbors.



Congratulations Alain,
Reflecting on our friendship, I can't help but marvel at how our paths intertwined and how we've grown together over the years. It's incredible to think about the countless moments, big and small, that have shaped our bond. From the very beginning, our connection was unique. It started with a shared interest or a chance encounter, but it quickly blossomed into something extraordinary. Our laughter, shared experiences, and unwavering support have been the pillars that held our friendship strong. We've weathered storms and celebrated triumphs together, creating memories that will forever be etched in my heart. Whether it was late-night conversations, spontaneous adventures, or simply being there for each other during challenging times, our friendship has been a source of strength and comfort. It's not just the joyful moments that have defined our friendship, but also the way we've navigated through difficult times hand in hand. The trust we've built, the honesty we've shared, and the understanding we've shown one another have been the foundation of our friendship's strength. Thank you for being an extraordinary friend.
With love and gratitude, Betrand



I am Ephraim Takang AKA “Mr E” or “E” like Alain & Blanche call me. You could also call me “DonDada” like the streets call me LOL.

Alain is the BEST and ONLY man Blanche could’ve wished for! I wish him all the best and God’s blessings on his marriage life!

Ivo (Mr Firefox)


I'm Ivo, also known as Mr. Firefox, I met Alain (Alino-Money) in Raleigh, NC, during my first visit to the city. Alain's vibrant and welcoming personality instantly connected us, and we became family.

I'm super excited to this huge step in life which you have chosen, I lov you brother!